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The Dirtbags’ Workshop: 2017 to 2023

A corner of a workshop, with a sewing machine and an empty chair. A 'dirtbags climbing' sign is on the wall

The current workshop where all Dirtbag Climbing products are made is in Kendal, just outside of the Lake District. We moved here in Feburary 2022 – so now is a good time to give a low down on what have here, and what goes down here. But first, lets compare it to the very beginning when the idea of Dirtbags was born…


  • One domestic sewing machine tucked in the corner of our bedroom.
  • Jen (learning to sew)
  • James (teaching to sew, learning to design)
  • Tiny newborn baby (useless, is a baby)
  • Climbing ropes donated by friends.
  • A handful of orders from friends.
view of the Dirtbags workshop. Two sewing machines and an empty chair. Dirtbags climbing sign on the wall and a 'workshop' sign on other wall


  • Industrial sewing machines, a bar tack machine, a dedicated washing machine for grubby donations.
  • Jen (managing director, in charge of all admin, accounting and marketing, and custom orders…always learning)
  • James (techincan, ideas, design)
  • Karly (chalk bags, bike bags, donations manager)
  • Emily (guide book covers, bum bags)
  • Lina (chalk bags)
  • A team of supporters and ambassodors always there to shout the good word and give moral support and psyche.
  • Materials sorted and ready to be upcycled – ropes, tents, paragliders, sleeping mats, banners (you name it…it’s probably upstairs)
  • Tonnes of products have been made and sent to customers, all made from materials that would’ve ended up in the bin .

It has been a wild, difficult journey and we all work so hard to be as eco friendly, as ethical and as accountable as we can be. Excited to see what will come to years moving forwards.


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