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The Dirtbags Summer sunflower growing contest

Let’s have some more flowers in our lives.

This summer, enter our sunflower growing competition to win prizes.

Every purchase will receive FREE seeds to get one growing. (you can enter with your own seeds, no purchase is necessary)

All you need to do is tend to your plant, and watch it grow, see how tall is grows. The tallest…wins. Simple! Email a photo of the sunflower with a tape measure next to it to or tag us in social media.

As an extra bonus, you can save the seeds from that sunflower for the same thing next year. Cool.

selective focus photography of sunflower
Photo by Brett Sayles on

It is never too late to learn new things.

We, and some of our ambassadors, are joining in the fun too. We don’t know a lot about plants or looking after them so why not start, and bring you along the journey?

How to grow a sunflower:

  1. Plant seed in a small amount of damp soil.
  2. Put somewhere sunny, like a windowsill.
  3. Wait for it to germinate – keep watered (not too much)
  4. When the plant gets too big, plant in a bigger pot (or, if available, outside)
  5. It should take about 8 weeks for it to flower.

Good luck team!

The winner will be announced in October time.