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Philosopher’s Backpack

We have teamed up with Jane Yates, a lead practitioner for global learning, to create a teaching tool that has a history. Philosophy for Children (P4C) is a learning programme where children are encouraged to think for themselves, and to create their own philosophy out of their responses to the Philosopher’s ‘kit’ presented to them.

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Research in P4C provides evidence that it not only increases thinking and listening skills, but also skills of communication, self-esteem, confidence, behaviour and engagement with learning across subject areas

Jane Yates

Sounds good to us.

An ethical backpack as a visual prompt and to carry the tools needed for exploration into philosophical thinking is needed. This is where we step in!

We have designed and built a small backpack using only recycled materials for this purpose.

The Backpack features:

Embroidered lid

Straps reinforced with climbing rope.

Recycled canvas tent and fabric offcuts from local manufacturers.

Buckles and webbing repurposed from life jackets, tents and rucksacks.

Colours may vary.

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