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They’re here: unique boulder pads made in Cumbria.

We use crash pads, we wanted crash pads, we made crash pads.

We are so excited to present our first lot of boulder pads, made with love and using many different recycled and repurposed components, if you are looking for something unique, ethical, and ecofriendly – these are for you.

These boulder pads are made in small batches (storage space at a premium) and each one is completely unique.

How are they made? What aspects are recycled?

Made in our sewing room at our workshop in Gatebeck, the boulder pads are truly the brain child of James Dickinson. Using a design which blends new and old materials without scrimping on quality, the bases and sides are double stitched and made using 1000 denier water resistant fabric. Each top sheet is made carefully using fabric offcuts and remnants – rucksack front, caving jacket, tent outer, for example. We only use the best bits – but using all sorts means that every one is totally unique.

Here are our favourite upcycled aspects:

The Fat One

Laden with bags, kids, and pads? Dream of strolling round Font (other bouldering circuits are available) without having to fully pack up heavy pads and rucksacks each time you move blocs?

This small, but thick pad is on the lighter side, folds in two, taco-style and is carried like a satchel. Snacks, guide books and shoes can be shoved in the centre for moving without dropping out of the bottom. It works well on its own or in addition with your current pad. Being just 100cm long, it means it can fit in the middle of the longer ones on the market (it snugly fits in our Moon Warrior pad). Alternatively, it fits happily rolled up within our thin pad enabling the satchel carry to be converted into a rucksack style carry.

The Thin One

Cover a larger area, and cover gaps between pads. This pad has 25mm closed cell foam to add extra protection alongside other pads. It had rucksack straps and rolls around the Fat One. so you can carry them both together. Thinner, but bigger than the standard boulder pad.

The Sit Start

Slim boulder pad suitable for sit starts, filling gaps between pads and for low traverse problems. Cushions your coccyx from low falls.

Check them out here: