Paraglider Chalk Bag 1


Super lightweight, performance chalk bag made from a paraglider.

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This chalk bag is super lightweight, super recycled, and super cool. It has an eighties vibe because that is exactly what it is – old school paraglider probably definitely not safe to use after twenty odd years. Safe enough for holding your chalk while you send that project though!

  • Repurposed paraglider fabric
  • Repurposed webbing belt loops, small – for cord tie, to reduce weight.
  • Small elastic brush loop
  • Salvaged fleece lining
  • Reinforced rim to keep open.
  • Drawcord closure using risers as cord.

Weighs around 55g



Note: as everything is repurposed and upcycled – we pick the best bits to use in our products and thoroughly clean all, however there may be small marks, discrepancies in the fabrics – as is the nature with gear with past lives.


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