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Outdoor Gear for Good: a new collaboration

Closing the loop on outdoor gear.

Dirtbags are joining forces with a new non-profit organisation to save yet even more textiles from landill.

While we use all of the otherwise unusable fabrics and components, Outdoor Gear for Good resell all of the products still good for use. All of the profits are then sent to the European Outdoor Conservation Association, funding projects throughout the UK and Europe to help preserve our beautiful green spaces.

This means that between the two of us; faulty returns, samples, offcuts, retired gear and deadstock, stay out of the bin and put back to good use.

A family business. Turning a spider infested, dusty empty space into a workable unit took plenty of hard work and time. It was all hands on deck!

Space Sharing

So how does the collaboration work? We are two separate businesses, but we are just working in the same space. Dirtbags will have a sewing workshop downstairs while the upstairs can store the stock for Outdoor Gear for Good. Operating in the same space means we can share ideas, and pass useable / unusable textiles between us.

Before and during. Becoming more like home each step of the way.

Mini Store

What’s ace about our new space is the opportunity to be able to create a corner showing off our products. Right in the front entrance we have created a ‘mini store’ where the general public are welcome to bob in and see what we have to offer, something we weren’t able to do in our previous property.

Would you like to learn a little more about Outdoor Gear for Good? check out their website: or shopify:


1 thought on “Outdoor Gear for Good: a new collaboration

  1. Wow, what a nice collaboration! The content is interesting. It is a good idea that two companies joined forces for a cause. I hope Outdoor Gear for Good and Dirtbags Climbing will have other collaborations in the future. I was amazed that the profits would be given to the European Outdoor Conservation Association, funding projects in Europe and UK for beautiful green areas preservation. Keep up the good work, guys! I believe in both of you!

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