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Five easy changes you can make to make a small difference.

We are in a climate crisis. There is no doubt that major businesses need to step up their game. A recent study by Surfers Against Sewage found Coca Cola to be worst polluter washed up on the UK coastline. They seem pretty quiet on the matter.

It is worrying, and it is difficult. But what can we, as individuals, do? A bigger impact can be made by a large number doing things imperfectly than a small number (1% aside), perfectly.

1. Wash and dry your recycling

Dirty recycling goes in the bin. It does. We can’t control where the recycling goes, and how the council recycles it. However, we can control how it leaves our home. Crush tins, so more can go in. Tin foil can be scrunched up into a recyclable ball, put the lids on bottles, so they can be recycled too. And clean it before putting in the boxes. Don’t give them any excuse not to take it and do something with it. De-label any paper and cardboard, identity theft is still a thing. Just trying to look out for you.

2. Learn to repair your clothes

Your clothes can last loads more seasons if you love and care (and reproof the outerwear) for them. We are so lucky to have the whole internet at our fingertips. You can learn literally any skill. No excuses, need to patch a hole? Flipping well patch it, it’ll look cooler as well. Proud of you.

3. Buy your fruit and vegetables loose.

Loose veg is sometimes cheaper. On the price labels in the supermarket they have a price per KG and that is where you can see if you are getting a better deal buying loose. And don’t put them in the silly little bags the supermarkets give you, put it straight in the trolly and give them a good wash when you get home. There are zero waste shop popping up around, and they are utterly brilliant. But not always practical.

4. If you are a meat eater – use a butcher.

The butchers will know where the meat is from, and probably know the farmer. If you do eat meat, cut down on your consumption; make it a weekly treat, as it used to be, rather than a daily expectation. Same goes for eggs and dairy products, local is best as you will be supporting a local family and a local business.

5. Ask your Barista to leave off the lid

Better yet, bring your own cup. Better yet, make your coffee at home. This might seem stupid and obvious, but having worked in a number of cafes, most of those lids go straight in the bin before they even leave the premises. Take a drinks bottle out with you, but if you forget, choose glass or sit in for a drink. Lots of little smart choices all add up.

Do you have quick, simple swaps which we could incorporate in our every day life? Let us know in the comments below.


1 thought on “Five easy changes you can make to make a small difference.

  1. Love this!! Especially the part about butchers and valuing what you do buy as well as quizzing them!

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