The Second Shop

Second hand clothing and seconds from our workshop

You know we hate waste. But we also wanted to give you the opportunity to wear the Dirtbags brand, but also to support the reuse revolution.

Instead of contributing to the growing pile of new fabrics and clothing, we decided to try and do something about the tonnes of second hand clothing in warehouses throughout the country. Some new and untouched seconds with minor discrepancies, and some preloved vintage garments. What a shame. So in creating our own merchandise it felt wrong to source new fabric, even using organic and ethically sourced cotton, and make new garments.

What was wrong with the seconds I hear you ask? You can find things like manufacturing machine oil stains on the darker fabrics (we’ve washed them out), holes (we’ve patched them up), wonky stitches (still holds together), and honestly sometimes…..we can’t even find the fault.

Little hole: an example

Machine oil stain: promise its there somewhere