Philosopher’s Backpack

We are working in conjunction with Philosophy for Children to create a teaching tool, made entirely from repurposed goods.

What is the Philosopher’s Backpack?

‘Backpack’ is a metaphor for the notion that philosophy can be facilitated anywhere in the world, inside or outside, with no limitation on social or academic background of pupils.  It also uses the metaphor of a ‘backpacker’ or traveller who explores and examines the world, like the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates might have done.  Inside the backpack is a set of ‘kit’ which are used as metaphors for metacognition to enrich critical global thinking.  Jane Yates, P4C

We have just launched the made-to-order bags for £50. To order one, fill out the form below and we will be in touch! Please note that the colours may vary, as all materials donated are different though you are able to request a preference of rope colours on the straps.

Bags complete with the ‘kit’ will be rolled out in the very near future…

What’s in the ‘kit’?

These are just suggestions, objects used to prompt questions and a line of thought. The kits include – rope / compass / headtorch / magnifying glass / glasses / universal ball / concept map / whistle.

Naturally we are aiming to use second hand and unwanted items to make the backpack as ecologically friendly as we can. Do you have any of these to donate? Contact us!

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