Custom Projects

We do custom projects

We are lucky to collaborate with businesses and customers to create rad products. Have an idea? let us know! Seriously, we do all sorts (see the gallery below).

Fill out the following query with, in as much detail as possible, what you have in mind. We will get back to you promptly with a quote.

Custom work gallery.

Salvaged wood climbing holds

Salvaged wood ladder rungs

Travel mattress cover using paraglider material

Climbing rope bag, recycled

Rope bag with front drawcord closure

The Boulder Hut’s Own logo

Crag mat

Personalised dog collars

Bouldering satchel

Bike packing canister bag

Small bouldering foam mat

Chalk bag with personal embroidered message

Rope and salvaged wood wall hanging

Rope hearth rug

Large ratbag chalk bag

Van Mat

Rope lid rucksacks

cycle touring bike packing made to order bags

Bike frame bag

Rope bag with integrated tarp

zoe goes places chalk bag

Chalk bag with personal embroidered message

Bum bag with added bottle holder

More frame bags